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Spider-Man: Homecoming Writers On How The Sinister Six Fits In The MCU

Spoilers incoming for Spider-Man: Homecoming, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve been warned.

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Fans know the Sinister Six hasn’t had the best on-screen luck. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 tried to set up the villainous gang a few years back, but nothing ever came of the tease. Spider-Man: Homecoming is the newest film to nod towards the rough-and-tough gang. And, now, the film’s writers are talking about how the nefarious squad settles into the MCU.


During a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriters Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley opened up about their Spider-Man gig. The pair touched on some of the film’s most important scenes, and they expanded on the post-credits clip that referenced the Sinister Six. Rather than introduce the entire swath of baddies, the writers said Spider-Man: Homecoming didn’t have room for a Sinister Six showdown since Peter Parker is just starting his vigilante career.


“It’s all for the intention to make this movie exist in a much more grounded, and in some ways, a low-stakes world, where it’s not about world domination or these abstract things. It’s just a guy with a beef who’s trying to provide for his family,” Goldstein explained, nodding to the Vulture’s motivations. “We also felt this is a starter version of Spider-Man. If you put him up against Doc Octopus or someone like that, he’s going to get his ass kicked.”


Daley chimed in to explain how the threat of the Sinister Six may draw the attention of the Avengers. “That’s the other thing,” the writer said. “We have to acknowledge the existence of the Avengers in this world, so if the threat became world-threatening, you would obviously bring in the big guys to handle it.”

When it comes to Spider-Man: Homecoming, there’s simply no place for the Sinister Six to stand. Peter Parker has yet to face-off with most of the gang individually, and the vigilante would not be equipped to fight them even if he had. When he entered his senior year, Spider-Man should have a shot of beating down Doc Octopus, but the hero is just too green in his sophomore year.


As the MCU expands, the Sinister Six will continue to carve out room themselves. Some of the villains will be introduced in other MCU titles; For instance, Kraven the Hunter has been rumored to appear in Black Panther next year. Space and time will be needed to make the Sinister Six grounded, and Marvel Studios is big enough to give the baddies such luxuries. When the gang does debut as a unit, they will come together as a hellish force of nature bent on exacting revenge against Spider-Man. And, by that time, the web-swinging hero will be trained enough to take the brunt of their anger.


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